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For an unforgettable occasion

With ten years working in event décor and prop making, Sami knows how to use materials to create show stopping immersive environments. Examples of her work have been seen at some of the UK’s biggest festivals, including dressing for the stars backstage at Glastonbury Festival. She specialises in installing stunning ceiling centrepieces in fabric and light.



You could choose existing decorations from our themes page and have us coordinate these elements for installation at your chosen venue or we can work together to design something special based on a favourite colour or images you love.

Firstly get in touch to book a telephone meeting so we can chat over the best way we can help you. Then if you want to go ahead with bespoke design, you can follow the steps below


Let’s meet

Come to my studio in Somerset and chat over plans and ideas, or if you are too far away we can share online.

I can help you take the threads of your initial thoughts and begin to weave them into something beautiful. Using tools such as pinterest to share ideas we will begin to build a picture of your dream event, working this into an understanding of your chosen location and applying our professional knowledge to understand how to best implement it. This will be tweaked until you are absolutely happy that we have outlined your vision and you are ready to proceed.

Initial Consultation fee is £69.

If Somerset is too far I can visit for a face to face meeting, travel fees will apply.



Taking all the ideas from your initial consultation Verdigris will quote specifically for your needs

Following this, we can illustrate the design so you can share our vision and get an idea of how it will look in situ. Within our service we can also help you to communicate ideas with other pre-booked suppliers and/or your wedding planner, making certain all the elements have a visual flow and everything runs smoothly.

We can book or provide any extras you require like flowers, furniture and tableware.

Further design and liaison will be charged accordingly and will likely start at £399


Let’s make it happen

Once we have gone through our design process -
and you can’t wait to see the pictures come to life!

This is where all the elements discussed really come together, the installation. Anything we have to source gets found and anything that we need to make gets made.

We can meet again or consult over the phone about any changes. All the logistics of doing the job for you are discussed directly with the venue, everything is put up before the event, and taken down after.

If you like we can even be there on the day to oversee room changes.

All the elements with install fees start at £869 and hire charges will be added